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About Bitsy Treats Boutique

My passion for baking began almost two decades ago.  I started baking as a way to relax and unwind, and of course, enjoy some delicious treats!  Over time, I became absolutely obsessed with baking.  Understanding the qualities of each ingredient that I brought into the kitchen, focused my efforts into specializing in truffles, cookies, cupcakes and chocolate treats.


I first began gifting my handmade, uniquely flavoured truffles with friends and family. Everyone loved them so much that before long, I was working late into the nights to meet the steady demand for weddings, holidays and other special events. Shortly after showcasing my truffles, I began experimenting with other treats which received the same extraordinary support and praise.  

And so, Bitsy Treats Boutique was born!


Now, specializing in favours and sweet tables, Bitsy Treats Boutique sevices the Greater Toronto Area and offers the perfect amount of sugar for your fix.  Place your order Today!


"With these bite sized sweets it’s hard to feel guilty for having a Bitsy Treat!"



* Bitsy Treats Boutique is a proud member of The Cake Collective. 

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